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About Us

Premier Racing Partnerships is Asia’s leading thoroughbred racehorse syndication company. 

Premier Racing specialise in the acquisition, training, and management of quality thoroughbreds to produce premier racing champions. We bring an interactive experience to owning a racehorse in Singapore and offer affordable investment options to meet all budgets including fixed training fees in an environment of lucrative prize money.

With passion and years of industry experience, we welcome you to join us today.

Owning a stake in a horse with Premier Racing is bringing us serious joy in the form of top-shelf performances and prize money. The team provide heaps of information regarding ownership plus videos when you're buying in. There’s no doubt the PRP team has talent in selecting winners and we’re super excited to be involved.

Jess and Dan, Owners, South Korea

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Selecting the finest thoroughbreds from around the world to train and race in Singapore.

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